DigitFIT Final Events

DigitFIT Final Events will be the perfect occasion to present the final results of our project and to disseminate the work done during these two years throughout Europe.

Our aim is to enable young people and facilitators to use DigitFIT Training and Mentoring Circles ™ Programme thus ensuring the sustainability of the project. Furthermore, we would like to reach a greater positive impact by making available Consortium’s recommendations and conclusions, collected after its implementation and clustered in IO1/IO2 Comparative Reports.

Four different events will take place between October and November 2021 in four countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain and United Kingdom. The Project Consortium welcomes to participate young people, students, youth workers, youth organisations and academic managers as well as any stakeholder from the youth, digital and education sector.

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Final Event in Bulgaria
28th October 2021

Final Event in Spain
27th October

Final Event in United Kingdom
4th November 2021

Final Conference in Belgium
November 2021